4 Types Of Stickers You Must Make Yourself

Stickers are so much more than just pieces of paper stuck on a wall. They are a form of expression and a way to show off your personality. But what if you created your own? Well, you can do just that. But what stickers could you make? Continue reading to find out.

Type #1 – Laptop Stickers

Starting off our list are laptop stickers. These ones are put on the backside of your computer. You could create stickers that have a resonating quote or a cool illustration on them.

Type #2 – Hard Hat Stickers

Are you a biker or a construction worker? If you are, then these stickers are made just for you. Thanks to the vinyl materials, they are both weather and scratchproof. When making them, you can slap a superb illustration or even your Instagram handle.

Type #3 – Car Bumper Sticker

Don’t own a bike? Well, no worries, you can still express yourself by sticking some stickers to your car. There are many types of stickers you could make. These could be just some fabulous pictures, resonating quotes, or even a logo for your driving crew.

Type #4 – Logo Sticker

Looking to promote your business? Well, then you must make some logo stickers. You can use them for many things. For example, you could stick them onto your car, laptop, or your office. You could even give it out as a freebie to your customers.


And those were the types of stickers. There are many more you can make. And if you’re looking for a way to print your custom stickers, I highly recommend you try out Stickerapp. There you can print your customized stickers with fantastic quality materials.