Mouchegirl Amelia Widell


Mouche is very proud to present the Melimeli designer Amelia Widell as a true Mouchegirl who we love in every shape and form! 


After 10 years in the interior industry Amelia Widell got tired of the hunt for the perfect couch. The solution? She created it herself! Resulting in her very own brand MELIMELI Today Amelia designs furnitures for the contemporary home, never compromising on either function or style.
Mouche now present a number of selected pieces from MELIMELI and more is yet to come!

We wanted to find out what makes a true #mouchgirl tick.

Get to know Amelia;  

What does the word success mean to you?
Success for me is to be able to live from what I enjoy doing, what gives me freedom to form and arrange my life the way I want.  

 Do you have a motto?
Never stop dreaming! 

Speech is silver silence is golden, or is it the opposite?
I think that a lot could be gained from giving things a thought or two before throwing what is on your mind for the moment out in the air.

What is style?
Style for me is an important part of my identity. I love to express myself with clothing and interiour and firmly believe that my style is also a symbol for how I am as a person. 

Morning coffee or nightcap?
Morning coffee! I look forward to that cup already the night before. I always prep the coffee machine so I can switch it on first thing and then have my coffee in bed while updating myself on the latest news. 

Starter or dessert?
Definitely dessert, I’m a real sucker for sugar..   

Are you the one to start things or making sure it gets rounded up?
I’m a starter! So bad at finishing stuff though but luckily I have the best of help from tremendous team at work!

Strong or fast?
Both! I’m explosive and love high intensity training. Not as good in long distance, I get bored..

See, hear, feel, taste or smell?
Oh what a tough one, I want it all but if I could only choose one it would have been to see, With your sight you can also imagining how things smell, taste and sound… 

If you were a fruit, which would you have been and why?
A mango! Not as good if I’m not ripe, but when I am you can’t enough!  


See Amelias beautiful creations here...