Sell your vintage


It' s so easy!

At the Mouche Circle we carefully select each pieces we sell and only want to represent the very best. It is a guarantee to the buyer that if purchased here, it's good! 
We focus only on designer brands, mainly on accessories and handbags but also on shoes, coats and jackets. Every item must be clean, in good condition and of course authentic!

The procedure; 

We offer a complete concierge service for you who want to sell through us, simply contact us at or on +46 31-132444
Describe what you want to sell, send a us picture and if approoved we will e-mail you the sales price on your piece. If you then approve on the price we will send you a pre-paid postage slip which you attach to your package and send back to us. 

 Before we sell an item our in-house experts check for authenticity and condition to ensure that it is not counterfeit. We will then photograph the item, add to our website, describe, promote and sell it for you. 

After the piece is sold you will be contacted by us with two options; 

1) 50% of the sales price straight back to your account?

2) 60% of the sales price in a Mouche-Account to be spent at ours?

The Mouche Circle will take the charges for VAT, Administration, Postage and Photography. 

If any questions, please contact us!