Mouche Cares


Mouche Cares!

We believe that all businesses should play their part in helping the community around them and further afield issues alike. This is why we have committed to a number of programs and causes. 


– Sustainability & Environment

 Mouche Products
Before a new brand is selected we perform checks to ensure they are a responsible manufacturer. We welcome feedback from our customers if certain products may not fulfill expectations in this area.

Mouche Circle Program (Pre-loved)
This recycling program was launched to enable our customers to re-sell garments and accessories that they no longer wanted ensuring that a product lives a full life. 


– Social Causes 

Breast & Cervical Cancer
Every year Mouche promotes a specific product to raise money for breast cancer. The first event offered an exclusive bracelet by CbyC. Our customers purchased 87 pieces allowing Mouche to donate all profits (50%) to breast cancer 12450 SEK. We hope for this to be much more at the next event