Rasmus Wingårdh

Rasmus Wingårdh: exploring the place between art and design



Rasmus Wingårdh is the Gothenburg born artist based in Stockholm, exploring and commenting the contemporary with a mind set on curiosity. With a background from working with brands such as Filippa K and Uniforms for the Dedicated his heart beats for the minimalistic aesthetic. Channeling his conceptual thinking by exploring the dynamics between design and art, his work is not easily framed within a single category. Wingårdh does not limit himself to a blank canvas and his creations covers prints, furniture and fashion, turning the abstraction of art into something accessible. Lifestyle products has always been central to Wingårdh and by expressing his ideas through usable objects an interesting and interactive dimension is added to his work. Most of the creations of Wingårdh are subjects to style itself rather than just mere objects to be put on display. Driven by breaking borders his artistic approach questioning the controversial relationship between creativity, consumers and consumption. He constantly seeks to challenge conventions, building new boundaries between people and art by combining design, fashion and lifestyle.


When putting his two latest exhibitions “Triangle Amoureux” and “Girl who loves girls who loves boy who loves boy” on display Wingårdh chose Mouche and The Apartment.

“To exhibit my creations with Mouche came as a natural choice. We share the same belief that art should be integrated in life through style itself, envisioned through fashion, interior and design”,says Wingårdh.


The intimate setting of The Apartment will frame Wingårds work, including some pieces created exclusively for Mouche, for a limited time only. The exhibition can also be experienced online at the temporary The Gallery at stylebymouche.com, where the work of Wingård will also be available for purchase.