Anna Osk Erlingsdottir

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Anna Osk Erlingsdottir

Meet the true artist and wonderful Mouchegirl Anna Osk Erlingsdottir;

– Since I was a child I've always had very vivid imagination. I am very visual and I like to say that I see the world in various colors. People ask me frequently if I think it is because I am from Iceland that I get these odd ideas for photoshoots and I am sure it is partly because of that but the other part I cannot really explain. I get influenced by so many things, colors, scent, films and new places. My workflow is very spontanious, I don't like to plan too much. I feel that if you plan too much you loose that magical feeling you need to have to make something spectacular.

Mouche is very keen to present this unique, colorful and inspirational force of beauty!

Anna has the tendency to end up in Vogue and Mouche is so proud to be a little part of her journey

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