Mouche–Girl in pieces from Ellery


This season we discover new definitions of style using unexpected silhouettes, searching for a subtle softness in the serious, shaping a new kind of spring. Play with prints, add a dash of color and dare to explore a different expression.

 In times when colder winds are blowing, when suspiciousness and a sense of insecurity spreads across the world, what we wear becomes our weapon. Instead of seeing others as strangers shutting people out, we should invite in the spring, wake up from winter, standing strong in our style. Let’s dress up in flowy dreams and flare, let’s get swept away in airy drapes and hues of hope. Add the allowance of eccentric accessories and express your emotions with eclectic combinations. Let’s take another step, embrace in an ambient atmosphere and let the styling make a statement. We desire the vibrant visions of a tolerant tomorrow, we demand a change.


Mouche Girl in glitter top

The force of fashion is a captivation of the contemporary itself, and our style can be seen as a reflection revealing the state of society. It can guide us through the toughest of times, giving a stroke of shine in the darkest of days. It can create comfort and confidence to take on a challenge, but it could also conform the conservative. It has the power to persuade our personal perspectives, affecting the beliefs beyond the borders of our own opinions. The choices in clothes channels a desire, and seen in their context, the styles we select can be clearly connected not just to a mood, but a mentally of the collective.

Taking a turn in history, some of the tales that fashion have told truly made a mark and our emotions and can be easily tracked in the expressions of design. It is visible in the shorter length of a skirt, reflecting a raging war when textile was a favor for a few. Never has the catwalk seen such clash of striking colors as during dramatically changes and economical crisis. Clothing can even conclude a complete culture or a country as seen in the sophisticated styling, layering and lack of lustrous shades so significant for the Scandinavian style. Recognized for its minimalistic and modern approach, the sharp silhouettes and subtle shapes can somewhat be argued as a result of an anxiety where a cautious approach to life itself is exposed. Same could be said about a strict and sober suit, the traditional tailoring of a stereotype business man, where the safety of a black blazer sends a signal of the restrained, a refuse to take a risk.


Creativity is curiosity and it is when we start asking why we wear what we do, when we challenge conventions, that the pieces we pick can truly have an important impact. Instead of nailing down the narrow and naive we should encourage diversity in expressions and integrate an international inspiration. As citizens of a world wide community it is our duty to drive a trend of tolerance, to infuse interesting influences and make use of the virtue of the unique. Because it is when we define our differences that we can actually experience the extravagant, that is when we can grow, that is when we can get greater. Being brave could come as the most modest of modern moves. It could be the gentle gesture in the softness of silk, the humbleness that is hidden in a voluminously cut coat, an opportunistic and open mind found in the finest of fabrics.   

When faced with fear we must not forget that fashion means freedom. It is what sparks the imagination, making the impossible seem real. This season we are beautifully bold, we play with colors and cuts and we dare to discover the contrasts, unveiling the unexpected. We add the positive spirit of pleats, patterns and prints and we are finding friends, uniting in a uniform sending a clear critique against the absence of understanding. Embrace in exclusive materials and enjoy the excitement of living at the edge of expression.Refine and recreate, refresh and respect.