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Altea’s story shows a true love for a quality production resulting in the handcrafted care in the realisation of a sartorial product, in the refinement and in the unmistakable taste in the selection of fabrics. It is a story which Altea is loyal to. It combines tradition and innovation and succeeds in facing the challenges of the third millennium.

It goes all the way back to Milan, 1892 when a new tie shop opened on the corner of via Verri and via Montenapoleone, in a part of the city that nearly a century later came to be the epicentre of world fashion and now four generations later Altea proves that the passion for silk runs in the family. In the age of delocalisation, the decision to keep styling and production in the area is a decision against the general trend and witnesses a steady link with the company tradition as well as the guarantee of the made in Italy quality.

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