Diamonds are for ever(yone)

Diamonds are forever - A heart of gold or one of stone.

Nothing speaks to our senses more than a diamond. Being the hardest mineral in nature, its eternal elegance strongly evoke the emotions of the deepest desires. Diamonds are forever a demand that never leave our dreams. Being perfectly clear, precise and pure.



Raw diamonds by Baumgarten Di Marco

A diamond can sometimes seem as a bit to expected. On the contrary to its classicism and unthreatened position, various versions of this sustainable stone has starting to change the way consumers perceive their jewellery. Making careful and clever choices, the luxury of a precious piece is no longer only for a selected few, and with a wider accessibility and new ways to adorn, a dramatical democratisation of the diamond can be discerned.

Living in a time where trends turn towards a subtle softness, where the noise and nonchalance has made the smallest of whispers meaning the most, and when new definitions of both style and society is shaped, the conservative thought of diamonds as something unattainable is being torned.

In an industry where profit has meant the most, where money and the hunt for the biggest and the best has been the mission itself, the danger with diamonds has been the drive for a constant recreation, a set structure, status and fixed forms. The strive for an imagined image of perfection has blurred our gaze for the personal and the positive in diversity. A diamond has up until now not been allowed to be different. It has carried the burden of heavy promises, proposing a promise when put on a finger. It can be held charged for causing conflicts, contributing to cultural segmentations, greed and grudge.

This is finally starting to change. Bold designers has previously played not only with the symbolism of the stone, daring to take something traditional turning it into refreshing reminders of a beauty found in the rough, the unique and the unexpected. Presenting creations that experiment with colors and cuts, where black and brown replace the classical blue and where new ways of wearing jewels prove a point that we no longer crave for the perfect. And this thankfully seem to stand for a new standard. Caring not only for the product itself but putting value in the production process, a bigger purpose is reflected in the modern of the raw, a purpose going beyond business. On top of that, the delicacy of a diamond is even more illuminated when infused with passion and care, sustainable visions without any stains.When no blood is spilt and where nothing goes to waste.

From a design perspective another interesting aspect is the new, unpolished proportions. Where a spectacular stone previously has been the centre of a creation these emerging expressions master a balance where the gem, as well as the surrounding material, is equally important to generate the greatness of a whole. Single is not always the strongest. This take on tradition also makes elegance easy, opening up to opportunities, introducing an alternative on how to approach life itself. A ring no longer requires a large rock and does not have to mean forever. Is can be a subtle statement of appreciation, a small little something, a reminder that no rules really apply. A diamond can actually be totally free from demand. After all it is the difference that counts, what complete, what catches the eyes, what not making us shallow. For who want to be see-through and crystal clear?
They say better a diamond with a flaw, than a perfect pebble. They also say diamonds are forever.

We say that diamonds are for everyone!!