Make the most of your visit to The Apartment by booking a private appointment. We’ll do our best to accommodate your schedule. An appointment is also an ideal opportunity to treat yourself to one or more of our growing range of complimentary services:

Personal shopping
Elegance, exclusivity, longevity and style is Mouche key words when building your perfect wardrobe.  
Let us guide you through your shopping experience by booking one of our experienced stylists. We will help you pick a long lasting wardrobe that will suit your lifestyle or the one special occation. Explore our personal selection of items selected especially for you, receive a trend analysis, style advice to bring out the very best of you. 

Interior decorating. 
Your sence of style goes far beyond fashion, now the interior reflects your personality more than your wardrobe and your home says more than a thousand words.
Visit The Apartment for some style advice, browse through our genuin, exclusive and unique collection of vintage, art and must have pieces, have a seat and loose your self in Melimeli's soft couches. Design, redesign, or furnish your personal space, choose colors, materials, and/or dimensions on favorite pieces

Gift Guidance
Get expert assistance in selecting the perfect gifts or create a wedding or other gift registry

All services are free at charge when shopping at Mouche. Can't visit us? send us a picture of you, the room you wish to decorate, or your house for a more in-depth styling service and we will be more than happy to assist you.

Contact us at or call (+46) 31 132444 to book your appointment. 

To the trade (interior designers): Discover special home pieces and customization options