The statement of a s(h/k)irt


A wardrobe staple, a must-have, a key piece, a strong statement and a durable design. We find many names for what we love and by many it is loved. The perfect shirt.


Nothing is a safer shortcut to style than this. Preferably in white cotton and with a button down collar, nothing is as classic. The shirt is one of those solutions always in season and it come in various variation, from a sleek and slim to a voluminous and versatile, but not matter the personal preference it makes the perfect go to piece.

However, as self written it might be to the contemporary woman's wardrobe it was once a symbol of something else. It was a signal and a rebellious reflection of change, it challenge conventions and channeled a new kind of independency. Sent down the runway in 1966 the suit Le Smoking of Yves Saint Laurent introduced the power dressing to the world. At that time the styling with the sharp black blazer was groundbreaking, taking a male attribute as strong as the shirt making it sexy, sophisticated and full of femininity, but since then the this wardrobe essential has been worn in many ways. It has captured the silhouettes of its time, becoming a best basic of today, a uniform of the modern woman.

Almost 50 years later Alessandro Michele shows the force of fashion once again, but this time the other way around. For Guccis fall 2015 Michele created a series of skirts for the male collection, a collection far from being just crossdressing or a playful take on gender. He stated a new way of seeing style as a tool, as an expression against the established and a comment on how to challenge conservative.

Great design is to dare, not to just follow but to pave the way for an individualistic, for the inspiring that not to be restrained by restrictions.


So make sure you say it with a statement shirt!

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