Let's meet!

Mouche is founded on the conviction that the personal meeting is the key to our success. We have built our space around you Mouche-Girls and our meeting with you is what forms our business. We are tentive and listen to your wishes, cravings and needs and carefully hand-pick our selected pieces for you.

Whenever you are destined for Gothenburg, make sure to drop by our heart and home - The Apartment, a destination, a concept boutique and an arena for meetings. We invite you in to our world to mix and mingle, browse amongst fashion, interior, art, vintage and lifestyle pieces in a curated context in a comfortable setting of a home.
We put the sense of style first and is always loyal to luxury. 

Visit The Apartment  

Stylebymouche.com is the digital home of Mouche, the destination for the contemporary woman on the move. stylebymouche.com.
Mirroring the boutiqe concept, The Apartment, stylebymouche.com is the extension making the word of Mouche always present, always open always close.
It is a platform for inspiration and interaction, a place beyond the purchase.

Experience our Selections and Vintage, explore our Stories, access exclusive offers through our Mouche Member Club and much more.

Welcome to our world, a world of possibilities.  

Love // Johanna Silver - Founder of Mouche